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Building with Vision

Our project superintendents and managers always have a holistic view of the project and see the project in the finished form from the very beginning. An integral part of the construction process is clear communication with the Architects and Engineers. Our managers have a background in design as either Architects or Engineers allowing for cohesive communication saving time and money on the project.  


It is important to prepare properly for any construction project. Our pre-construction and management services are as follows:

Construction Management

The larger the scope of work for a project the more management and coordination need to be considered. These type of projects require multiple speciality trades and subcontractors which then requires a robust management team that understands the coordination necessary to stay on track and on budget. Our management team has the experience, expertise and accountability to bring any project to completion.

Design-build is a buzzword in the construction industry and can be approached in several ways. The main concept of this method is to bring one entity as the sole responsible party to the owner. With design-build contracts, the design team and contractors work together which eliminates finger pointing and increases productivity. In our design-build contracts we manage the design team, as designers ourselves and with practical field experience we are able to reduce costs and increase productivity resulting in a project completing early and under budget.
Taking precise takeoffs from construction documents to properly estimate project with ability to foresee issues, resulting in accurate estimating with minimal change orders.
Plan Review & RFIs
Plan review with our in house designers allows us to suggest changes to the design team in order to utilize economics of design to translate in time and cost savings during construction.
Project Scheduling & 4D Presentations
Detailed project scheduling allows for all contractors and sub trades to be on the same page, quite literally using innovative management systems that updates all involved as there are changes to project schedule. Also providing 4D (3D moving models that change with time) allowing our clients to visualize the different stages of construction.
BIM Support
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming the industry standard in all construction projects. Keeping ahead and leading the industry in innovation in technology and management is one of our top priorities.
Site Analysis, Surveying & Reporting
Understanding all the steps required to successfully bring a site to permitting phase is important. Facilitating the process of obtaining site surveys, ESAs (Environmental Site Assessments), soil boring samples and testing.
Permit Processing
Full service permit processing service including bringing plans to building departments, meeting with plan reviewers, addressing comments and relaying information to design team.
Site Work
Proper site preparation prior to construction is important for a successful construction effort. Managing the work of de-mucking, site clearing of debris, fencing and signage is key to presenting the project in a positive light to the local community and municipality.