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Management of trades requires precise coordination, communication and planning in order to properly complete a project. Our sub trades are skilled to understand the requirements needed in order to properly complete a project. Our in house team also has experience in these areas to fill the gaps in work by the sub trades which saves time and allows us to have leverage over these trades.


The subcontractors that we manage are as follows:

Providing Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) provide all mechanical needs on a project.
Providing Electrical Upgrades, Installation of Electrical Panels, Conduits, Wiring, GFI & General Receptacles, Switches (3 way and 4 way) Lighting, Smoke Detectors, and any other component requiring electrical service. Also installing Renewable Energy systems such as Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Geothermal, Ocean and other renewable energy sources.
Providing water service work such as: Piping for Sanitary and Waste Lines utilizing PVC, Copper & Cast Iron, Gas Lines, Water Heaters, Pumps and any other component requiring a movement of a fluid or gas.
Provide fire suppression systems such as fire sprinklers and fire alarms.
Windows & Door
Provide both Impact and Non-Impact window and door systems including: Garage Doors, General Exterior Doors, Sliding Doors, Sliding Windows, Windows and custom glazing services.
Low Voltage Audio Visual
Provide for any low voltage electrical systems such as: Home Security & Cameras, Home Theaters, Smart Home Systems, Networking and Speaker Systems.
Providing Roofing Services for residential and commercial needs such as: Asphalt, Shingle, Tile, Metal, Wood and Lamination Methods. Also required for installation of Skylights, Solar Panels, and any other work that involves roof penetrations.
Remediation: Fire, Water & Mold
In the event of fire, water or mold damage a remediation firm is called into a project to remove all contaminated material that may be dangerous.
Pool Contractors
Pool contractors specialize in the construction of swimming pools and other decorative water features.
Site Work/Civil
Providing services that prep a job site for construction such as: Land Clearing, Grading, Excavation, Demolition, Storm Drain Installation, Main Water Line and Sewer Connections and other site work requirements.
Roadways & Driveways
Providing services relating to any roadway or driveway construction utilizing concrete, asphalt or pavers.
Steel & Fabricators
Providing services for any steel erection required such as: Steel Structural Beams, Plates, Frames or any other element requiring steel and welding.
Providing plants and greenery per project specification such as: Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Gravel, Stone Decoration, Ponds, Irrigation and other aspects to the exterior finishing.
And Other Specialty Trades
There are several other trades that could be listed, if we did the list would go on and on. Some of these are custom installers such as carpenters and other architectural finish installers. Others are specialty installers for elevators and mechanical equipment.