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The skeleton of a structure is the shell made up of glass, concrete, steel and wood. Offering full shell construction services, our team has experience from single-family homes to multi story high rise construction. The main focus in any shell project is safety for workers, personnel and anyone visiting the jobsite. A safe site is also that is organized and inheritably reflects cost savings in the project. There are several different methods and services for shell construction that are offered:

Concrete Formwork, Reinforcement & Placing
The material of choice for most projects is as versatile as it is strong. Ability to mold and adjust on the fly reinforced concrete is a great choice for most projects. Our services include the placement of formwork and reinforcement for all types of concrete elements. These elements include but are not limited to piles, pile caps, grade beams, shallow and deep foundations, slab on grade, elevated slabs, elevated beams, lightweight roofing concrete, architectural concrete projects, post tension slabs, and utilization of tunnel forming techniques.
Prefab Concrete Installation
There are times where economies of scale come into play and prefabricated options are better suited for the project. Prefabricated concrete elements generally come in standard shapes and sizes and trucked onto the jobsite. Prefab projects require coordination to make sure all pieces come together perfectly. Other options are tilt wall construction which brings the ease of onsite production together with the efficiency of prefab work, these generally are for wall panels that are poured flat on the ground then once reaching its required strength lifted vertically into place.
CMU Block Placement & Grouting
CMU (concrete masonry units) are standard blocks typically used for creating exterior load bearing and non-load bearing walls. Depending on design requirements the cells inside the block are filled with grout for added structural strength.
Heavy & Light Gauge Stud Installation
Metal stud construction are used for hanging parapets, exterior façade features and general light structural items.
Impact Window & Door Installation
Impact windows and doors have become the standard in Florida. Our installers are experienced in window installation including high-rises of all sizes.
Wood Construction
Wood construction has been the choice for most projects centuries. Today you see wood generally in residential projects. With the Florida building code requirements changing every few years, the use of wood has been minimized. Normally wood is used in interior load and non-load bearing stud walls, 2nd floor exterior walls, roof trusses and joists and plywood sheathing for roofing applications. Wood is widely used in exterior decking applications and structures.
Steel Installation
In large structures, steel beams and columns are the preferred method for their durability and quick construction. These require a more precise fit as all parts are prefabricated off site. Working with the industry’s best steel manufacturers and erectors we offer a great option in commercial and residential steel construction. Steel construction includes the fabrication and installation of I-Beams, C Channels, Tubes and other shapes and custom steel elements.
Growing families need more room, there are two options available; sell your home and buy a new one OR build an addition. Making an addition usually adds more value than a purchase if the home owners are happy about their area they live in. When buying a selling there is a long process involved and will need to spend approximately 5-6% of the value of their home when selling for closing costs and the same fee for buying their new home. So this can amount to over 10% of the value being paid in just transactional fees, when that could be used towards their home remodel. With our background in architecture and engineering, one can rest assure the addition will not only look great but will be built strong and everlasting.