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Multifaceted flexibility

As designers and project managers our team is able to produce shop drawings in house and on the fly. This function saves time and allows work to progress. We understand the Architects’ and Engineers’ concerns and we speak the same language making it easy for them to approve. We have trusted design consultants that serve to assist whenever needed to keep projects moving.


On smaller projects we offer full design/build services with our in house design team. Simplifying the process allows the project to move through the approval process swiftly. We have in house CAD technicians, drafters and designers.


Our design services are as follows:

Shop Drawings & Details
In order to successfully build something the plans need to be understood by all involved including the workers on the field. For this reason shop drawings serve as a method to provide instructions how to precisely build any part of any project. Our team make sure these drawings are easy read and show full details required. This step also eliminates any potential errors as it usually serves as a catalyst to produce RFIs.
Architectural & MEP Plans
On small scale projects it often does not pay to hire a separate design team. These projects are usually repairs, small renovations or other small projects. We provide all the requirements needed to successfully complete these small scale projects utilizing the Design/Build approach. Our in house design team, designers and construction managers understand the process to swiftly create plans and execute construction projects to minimize cost and time.
Structural Plans, Calculations & Details
Understanding structural design has allowed us to become a leading contractor in order to quickly and efficiently complete projects. We offer full structural design such as reinforcement of joists for removal of load bearing walls, CMU wall design, wind load calculations, new addition design and other design services.
Architectural Renderings
The ability to see a project before any work is done is important in order to be able to meet client expectations. With today’s technology we can offer photo realistic renderings of any project in order to establish final finish, design and coordination.
BIM Modeling & Management
Building Information Modeling is the future of plan design and rendering as it brings these two worlds together. Not only is the final product a full 3D rendering, but you also get full construction documents and plans. This platform also allows all trades to coordinate together and identify any potential conflicts. This will allow you to adjust the design before any construction is done. Our team is well versed in BIM software such as Autodesk’s Revit and can be implemented into any project. Overall it saves time and money which is ultimately any goal of a successful project.