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It’s all in the Finishing!

South Florida boomed in construction in cycles of about 25 years, the last of which was during the late 2000’s and before that in the 1970s and 80s. Those structures sprinkled all over South Florida are in need of major work to modernize and bring up to today’s standard in layout and finishing.


Rethinking and repurposing a space takes special experience in design and construction. Nohmis’ roots stemmed from major renovations here in South Florida. Working within condominiums requires special care in making sure non-construction areas stay clean and un-damaged. This environment also requires consideration to neighboring units trying to minimize as much as possible any inconveniences that the construction may cause.


In single-family homes there are many potential issues that need an experienced eye in order to be able to determine additional scope that may need to be done. With our experience the changes are limited as we can foresee potential issues with existing structures.


With design backgrounds our team is able to re-imagine the space bringing it down to the basic structural elements. Adding new bathrooms and moving kitchens requires specialized understanding in plumbing and mechanical design in order to stay within the Florida Building Code. There are always challenges and we strive to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.


Our remodeling services are as follows:

Our roots stem in renovations and design. With our knowledge of existing structures and design we are your one stop shop to a full remodel. In small projects it does not pay to hire a separate firm to design and coordinate with the construction team. As these architectural design firms are used to big projects when working on a smaller remodel they can actually complicate the process. We remove this element and provide affordable design services which not only reflects in overall price but saves time in the long run.
Framing & Drywall Installations
Framing and drywall are the skeleton of the interior space. This element is important to get accurate as all other parts of the building built off of this. Making sure studs are plum and straight make the finishing job faster and easier with less defects. We install light guage metal framing and wood studs following UL rated systems for fire walls. Also there are times where CMU blocks are used as partitions as well. Once the frame or block are installed then the drywall are installed with plaster. See our Framing & Drywall services for full list.
Painting & Plastering
Final finishing requires special attention to existing conditions in a remodel and precise installations in new construction. The wall needs to be prepped appropriately so the final finish whether paint, venetian plaster, wallpaper or other materials to be applied.
Kitchen & Bathroom Installation & Renovations
Kitchen and bath installation and renovations are important elements in any project. It is important to get these areas done right as most attention when buying or selling will focus on these areas. We provide full service cabinet & vanity installation, countertop, backsplash & tile installations and of course glass & mirror installs. In addition, we manage the MEP subcontractors. The electrical and plumbing are important to be done correctly and coordinated in a way that does not conflict with the design. We bring our design background to provide unique kitchen and bath designs. We work with a wide variety of vendors which include custom manufacturing of shaker, acrylic, wood and other materials for cabinets and vanities.
Flooring & Stone Design & Installation
Our managers are involved in all details including the stone and flooring installation. Paying special attention to design and installation to get the best in installation and finish. Each type of material requires it’s own special form of attention for optimum installation. We install porcelain, marble, wood, terrazzo, granite, quartz, onyx, glass and other materials for flooring and finishing applications.
Impact Windows & Doors Installation
Our window & door specialists are precise in their installation methods from single-story homes to high-rise ocean facing condos. Being in Florida impact windows are a must as they not only protect you from our storms but they provide insulation, as to not hear the whistling from day to day winds; UV protection, filtering out the harmful and heat producing ultra violet waves from the sun which increases energy bills; and provide a modern look with tinting options and less window panes for optimum viewing.
Roofing Work
Roofing work takes coordination since it is heavily dependent on weather. We manage the entire process from truss installation to roofing membrane and final roofing material installation. Installing shingles or clay tiles to solar panel roofing tiles or other roofing materials.
MEP & Trades Management
Management of trades requires precise coordination, communication and planning in order to properly complete a project. Our sub trades are skilled and understand the requirements needed in order to properly complete a project. Our in house team also has experience in these areas to fill the gaps in work by the sub trades which saves time and allows us to have leverage over these trades. Subcontractors include licensed Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, Impact Windows, Roofing and others. See our MEP & Trades services for full list.
Outdoor Decking & BBQ Areas
Outdoor spaces are a must if you have a home in South Florida. Making use of the natural environment and vegetation and creating a sacred space to enjoy the outdoors is the goal of any outdoor renovation or construction effort. Being in Florida it is important to consider how electric is being installed with a high humidity environment. In addition the soils are not always solid therefore careful foundation design for any outdoor structure is important to consider. We bring the designers together to best design the area while managing all the trades involved for optimum construction.
Driveways & Entry Ways
The entrance to any structure is important to consider as it is usually the first impression you have to the property. As the main construction shell slows down it is important to schedule in the work for the entrance to meet the deadlines of any project. Such services are driveway and roadway work utilizing asphalt, concrete, brick and pavers along side the landscaping and irrigation work. The final touches are placed with roadway signs, painting and markings.